mer 4 septembre 2019 0 Par Ibmiiste

Voi­ci un site où trou­ver de tout sur IBM i(system i, iSe­ries, AS400), cela parle aus­si bien de ten­dance éco­no­mique autour de ce sys­tème que de pro­gram­ma­tion, astuces où de pen­sées personnelles.

  • par Alex Woo­die
    During his key­note pre­sen­ta­tion at the POWE­RUp 2024 confe­rence Mon­day, IBM i CTO Steve Will announ­ced that IBM is acti­ve­ly explo­ring ways to incor­po­rate gene­ra­tive AI into the IBM i plat­form. The most pro­mi­sing of three indi­vi­dual but rela­ted pro­jects is a plan to build a large lan­guage model (LLM)-powered coding assis­tant for IBM i […]
  • par Tom Horan
    Staying com­pe­ti­tive is key in a fast-paced busi­ness world. For many orga­ni­za­tions, IBM i sys­tems play a cru­cial role in their ope­ra­tions. These sys­tems, known for their relia­bi­li­ty, sca­la­bi­li­ty, and secu­ri­ty, have long been the go-to for cri­ti­cal busi­ness appli­ca­tions. But as tech­no­lo­gy advances, these sys­tems must evolve, too. Upgra­ding your IBM i infra­struc­ture isn’t […]
  • par Alex Woo­die
    Fiserv is no lon­ger sel­ling or sup­por­ting ERP2Web, an ecom­merce pro­duct used in JD Edwards envi­ron­ments. Com­pa­nies have seve­ral options for repla­ce­ments, inclu­ding open source ecom­merce appli­ca­tions like Adobe Com­merce (for­mer­ly Magen­to) run­ning in the cloud, which is the path recom­men­ded by Bri­tes­kies. ERP2Web is an ecom­merce pro­duct from Fiserv desi­gned to extend JD Edwards […]
  • par Jen­ny Tho­mas
    How­dy, IBM i folks ! This week, COMMON held its annual POWE­RUp event in Fort Worth, Texas, and IT Jungle’s own Alex Woo­die was there, wran­gling up all the latest news for us. It won’t come as a sur­prise that much of the chat­ter was about arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence. Check out Alex’s sto­ry on the key­note as […]
  • par Timo­thy Pri­ckett Mor­gan
    There are lots of ways to skin the cloud infra­struc­ture cat. You can rent clou­dy capa­ci­ty and manage it your­self. That is cal­led Power Vir­tual Ser­ver. You can buy your own vir­tua­li­zed Power Sys­tems ser­vers and manage them with the same control plane as is used for the PowerVS cloud. That is cal­led Power Virtual […]