mer 4 septembre 2019 0 Par Ibmiiste

Voi­ci un site où trou­ver de tout sur IBM i(system i, iSe­ries, AS400), cela parle aus­si bien de ten­dance éco­no­mique autour de ce sys­tème que de pro­gram­ma­tion, astuces où de pen­sées personnelles.

  • par Timo­thy Pri­ckett Mor­gan
    Last week, Big Blue cele­bra­ted the 40th anni­ver­sa­ry of the launch of its Data­base 2 rela­tio­nal data­base mana­ge­ment sys­tem for its vene­rable System/370, Sys­tem 308X, and System/390 main­frames. It is now cal­led Db2, because mar­ke­ting people can’t leave any­thing alone, and even though we now have this thing cal­led Db2 for i, IBM didn’t mention […]
  • par Alex Woo­die
    When the IT lea­ders at Ward Trans­port & Logis­tics set out to find a pro­duct that would allow them to call out­bound APIs from their IBM i ser­ver for a new dyna­mic pri­cing sys­tem, they had an ink­ling of what they wan­ted. But when they loo­ked for an API deve­lop­ment tool in the IBM i […]
  • par Ted Holt
    I have wat­ched chil­dren play Whac-a-mole, but I’ve never played it myself, per­haps because the game unplea­sant­ly reminds me of pro­grams that I have had to work on. I fix one bug, only to see ano­ther bug rear its ugly lit­tle head. Life’s too short to endure such non­sense. Besides, it is embar­ras­sing for someone […]
  • par Timo­thy Pri­ckett Mor­gan
    The IBM i Mar­ket­place Sur­vey and its accom­pa­nying report and the webi­nar that goes over the results of the sur­vey are an inva­luable resource for the IBM i com­mu­ni­ty. This is par­ti­cu­lar­ly so since IDC, Gart­ner, For­res­ter, and the other IT mar­ket resear­chers and consul­tan­cies have long since stop­ped tra­cking Power Sys­tems in any kind […]
  • par Doug Bid­well
    In case you have been slee­ping under a rock, or under an apple tree, or under a bridge, the IBM i 7.3 ope­ra­ting sys­tem release rea­ched its end of stan­dard sup­port this Satur­day on Sep­tem­ber 30. So now if you plan to keep IBM i 7.3 in pro­duc­tion, you have to pay for an extended […]