Ins­tal­ler PHP sur IBM i 

Ins­tal­ler PHP sur IBM i 

lun 31 juillet 2023 1 Par Ibmiiste

Pour ins­tal­ler PHP sur IBM i, vous avez plu­sieurs pos­si­bi­li­tés :
Voir la page chez IBM dont voi­ci un tableau de résumé :

Fea­tureCom­mu­ni­ty­Plus+ PHPZend Ser­verZend­PHP
Pro­vi­der (and link to offe­ring home page)Sei­den GroupZend by PerforceZend by Perforce
Free to use ?YesNo, as of June 30, 2021Yes
Sui­table for pro­duc­tion workloads ?Yes, with sup­port in placeYes, with sup­port in placeYes, with sup­port in place
Sup­portAvai­lable from Sei­den Group and/or IBM.Avai­lable through Zend Ser­ver paid licenseAvai­lable from Per­force or IBM.
Sup­por­ted release lifespanDeter­mi­ned by open source communityLong term sup­port beyond com­mu­ni­ty pro­ject timeframesDeter­mi­ned by open source com­mu­ni­ty
Long-term sup­port beyond com­mu­ni­ty pro­ject time­frames is also available.
Clas­sic ibm_db2 data­base connec­tor supportSee this docu­ment for detailsSee this docu­ment for detailsSee this docu­ment for details
How to acquire and install ?Ins­tall as RPM from Sei­den GroupDown­load from Per­force por­tal. Ins­tal­led as IBM i Licen­sed Pro­gram (LPP) or an IBM i RPMIns­tall as RPM from Per­for­ce’s repository
Avai­lable PHP extensionsfull list here. Others avai­lable upon request.Contact Per­forcefull list here
IBM i tool­kit inclu­ded with distributionYesYesYes
Can inte­grate with IBM’s inte­gra­ted Apache HTTP Server ?Yes (can be auto­ma­ti­cal­ly confi­gu­red)YesYes (auto­ma­ti­cal­ly done by installer)
Can inte­grate with the Nginx HTTP ServerYes (requires manual setup)Yes (requires manual setup)Yes (requires manual setup)
Data­base connectivityPDO_ODBC or odbc, requires setup of ODBC dri­veribm_db2 or PDO_IBM modules (included)Note : the two methods can be run side-by-side.PDO_ODBC or odbc if 64bit, requires setup of ODBC dri­veribm_db2 or PDO_IBM modules (inclu­ded)PDO_ODBC or odbc, requires setup of ODBC dri­veribm_db2 (inclu­ded) or PDO_IBM (requires manual build) modules
Bit modes available64bit32bit (LPP)
64bit (RPM)
Com­pa­tible with Zend FrameworkYesYesYes
Can run inside a chroot-based container ?Yes (doc)NoYes
Comes with 5250 mana­ge­ment interfacesNoYesNo
Comes with pre­con­fi­gu­red sub­sys­tems for job managementNoYesNo
Per­for­mance toolsxde­bugZend Ser­ver per­for­mance toolsxde­bug
Comes with Zend Ser­ver inter­face for deploying and moni­to­ring applicationsNoYesNo

Comme Com­mu­ni­ty­Plus+ PHP est d’ac­cès plus facile finan­ciè­re­ment pour moi, j’ai uti­li­sé cette solution.

Pour cela aller sur le site de Sei­den Group et rem­plis­sez le for­mu­laire, vous rece­vrez les ins­truc­tions pour ins­tal­ler cette solu­tion PHP.