mer 4 septembre 2019 0 Par Ibmiiste

Voi­ci un site où trou­ver de tout sur IBM i(system i, iSe­ries, AS400), cela parle aus­si bien de ten­dance éco­no­mique autour de ce sys­tème que de pro­gram­ma­tion, astuces où de pen­sées personnelles.

  • par Alex Woo­die
    Secu­ri­ty conti­nues to be the num­ber one concern of IBM i shops sur­veyed for the annual IBM i Mar­ket­place Stu­dy conduc­ted by For­tra. Appli­ca­tion moder­ni­za­tion sur­ged ahead from last year’s finish to make the race for num­ber one inter­es­ting, while HA/DR and IBM i skills roun­ded out the top four concerns. For­tra (for­mer­ly Help­Sys­tems) formally […]
  • par Alex Woo­die
    When it comes to career trends in the IBM i com­mu­ni­ty, there are few who have a bet­ter sense of what’s going on than Bob Lan­gie­ri. The long­time CEO of Excel Tech­ni­cal Ser­vices in Orange Coun­ty, Cali­for­nia, has his fin­gers on the pulse of the job situa­tion, which is why we turn to him for […]
  • par Alex Woo­die
    Kis­co Infor­ma­tion Sys­tems recent­ly laun­ched a new IBM i pro­duct desi­gned to faci­li­tate native SMS mes­sa­ging on IBM i. Pre-inte­gra­ted with Twi­lio, kCon­nect will not only keep admi­nis­tra­tors aware of secu­ri­ty and other events occur­ring on IBM i, but it will also help stream­line the confi­gu­ra­tion of two-fac­tor authen­ti­ca­tion (2FA) setups on the box. Kisco’s […]
  • par Jen­ny Tho­mas
    We’re just a month into 2023, and we can alrea­dy see a lot of action from IBM. Our Top Sto­ries this week all revolve around IBM acti­vi­ty, some of which is good, and some of which less so. (Layoffs are never good news, but espe­cial­ly so in the cur­rent eco­no­my.) But like we said, there […]
  • par Timo­thy Pri­ckett Mor­gan
    We are still get­ting pre­dic­tions coming in from the IBM i com­mu­ni­ty, and so we have exten­ded this to 2023 IBM i Pre­dic­tions, Part 4, even though we are now into Februa­ry and tech­ni­cal­ly the Pre­dic­tion Sea­son is unof­fi­cial­ly over. You can’t real­ly say “Hap­py New Year!” star­ting today, either, not with Pun­x­su­taw­ney Phil coming […]