mer 4 septembre 2019 0 Par Ibmiiste

Voi­ci un site où trou­ver de tout sur IBM i(system i, iSe­ries, AS400), cela parle aus­si bien de ten­dance éco­no­mique autour de ce sys­tème que de pro­gram­ma­tion, astuces où de pen­sées personnelles.

  • par Alex Woo­die
    IBM is cele­bra­ting 35 years of its midrange plat­form next month, and there is no doubt it will be an exci­ting moment for the IBM i com­mu­ni­ty. But there’s ano­ther occa­sion you might not be aware of : the 20th annual State of IBM i Secu­ri­ty Stu­dy, which was issued last month by For­tra (for­mer­ly HelpSystems). […]
  • par Alex Woo­die
    Have a Power ser­ver run­ning in IBM Cloud but want someone else to pro­vide the care and fee­ding ? Then you might be inter­es­ted in the new ser­vice unvei­led by long­time IBM busi­ness part­ner FNTS to manage cus­to­mers’ Power envi­ron­ments run­ning in the IBM Cloud. FNTS is an Oma­ha, Nebras­ka, out­fit that has been sai­ling the […]
  • par Alex Woo­die
    More than 148 exa­bytes of com­pres­sed LTO tape capa­ci­ty was ship­ped in 2022, a slight increase from the pre­vious year, the LTO Pro­gram announ­ced yes­ter­day. The growth signals the conti­nued rele­van­cy of tape in a chan­ging land­scape mar­ked by the pre­dic­ted demise of spin­ning disk, the ubi­qui­ty of ran­som­ware, and the conti­nued growth of unstructured […]
  • par Jen­ny Tho­mas
    Before we head off on our much-nee­ded pre-sum­mer break this Memo­rial Day wee­kend, we must run through the latest news of the week, plus make you aware of the newest resources and events. First up, get used to AI being part of the news cycle when it comes to IBM. Big Blue made clear at […]
  • par Timo­thy Pri­ckett Mor­gan
    Ear­lier this week, we told you about a very serious secu­ri­ty vul­ne­ra­bi­li­ty in the PowerVM hyper­vi­sor when run­ning on Power9 and Power10 sys­tems. IBM found the vul­ne­ra­bi­li­ty itself and imme­dia­te­ly set about to patch the vul­ne­ra­bi­li­ty, which it revea­led on May 17 along with patches to firm­ware in sys­tems that are mana­ged by the Hardware […]