mer 4 septembre 2019 0 Par Ibmiiste

Voi­ci un site où trou­ver de tout sur IBM i(system i, iSe­ries, AS400), cela parle aus­si bien de ten­dance éco­no­mique autour de ce sys­tème que de pro­gram­ma­tion, astuces où de pen­sées personnelles.

  • par Alex Woo­die
    After two years of lock­downs and Zoom calls, IBM i pro­fes­sio­nals were joy­ful to be face to face with fel­low users this week at the POWE­RUp confe­rence in New Orleans. The cele­bra­tion las­ted all week, and spilled over onto Bour­bon Street at times, but that didn’t get in the way of the pri­ma­ry mis­sion : Getting […]
  • par Alex Woo­die
    With the recent launch of IBM i 7.5, IBM added seve­ral com­pel­ling new fea­tures to “New Nav,” the new ver­sion of IBM Navi­ga­tor for i that debu­ted less than a year ago. Among the goo­dies that all you IBM i admins out there will get are sup­port for the audit jour­nal, inte­gra­tion with Content Manager […]
  • par Alex Woo­die
    Among the remai­ning large ERP ven­dors tar­ge­ting IBM i, Infor appears to be the most com­mit­ted to ongoing deve­lop­ment on the plat­form. A key ele­ment of that stra­te­gy is the Infor Deve­lop­ment Fra­me­work (IDF), which plays a big role in exten­ding the func­tio­na­li­ty in its IBM i‑based ERP sys­tems to meet cus­to­mers’ spe­ci­fic needs. The […]
  • par Jen­ny Tho­mas
    It’s an exci­ting week in the Jungle as COMMON’s POWE­RUp 2022 wraps up and the repor­ting begins. Our own Alex Woo­die was on the show floor, and he will be brin­ging us all of the latest releases, news, and announ­ce­ments in the coming weeks. So we have to kick off this week’s Moni­tor by re-directing […]
  • par Doug Bid­well
    Not to give you any work to do, but I am going to give you some work to do. There is a new ser­vice pack for sys­tem firm­ware level MH1010, and this ser­vice pack, which you can read about here, addresses a HIPER issue. Next, com­pres­sion with the ZLIB algo­rithm with Geo­gra­phic Mir­ro­ring syn­chro­ni­za­tion is […]